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  I have been getting my hair cut and coloured, manicure and pedicure for about 10 years , every since Max opened. The service is First class and all the little extras they do makes it a truly wonderful experience. The staff go above and beond to make you feel like your someone special. Highly reccomend and can\'t wait to see the new sister Salon when it opens Late March I think.
"Kelly Kipp"

  I have been a long time client of Jason and have been following him everywhere he goes. I am glad he is at Maximus now. I love the friendly and multicultural environment and everybody makes you feel at home. I particularly enjoy the glass of wine while having my hair done. Jason, thanks for making me feel myself again at the last visit. You rock!!
"Sylvie Viger"

  For a New York experience treat yourself to a haircut at Maximus Hair Studio.   Max has been cutting my hair for about nine years, and I am a satisfied customer every time!  He strives to make sure all his staff and customers are happy and enjoy their experience at his Studio.  Look no further for your hairstyling needs.
"Matt Morrison"

  I have been to several hair stylists over the years and I must say that my visit to Jason was amazing, and I am now a loyal client, he is funny and knows the current styles and what will look good. Since my makeover 4 months ago, I have gotten so many compliments on my hair style. I am so much more confident now...Thanx so much Jason...You ROCK :-D

  I have had bad luck with stylists since my favorite one left for Toronto over two years ago. I have an annoying wave in my hair that hasn't liked any haircuts (til now).  I have had to mess with it a lot, wear it up, and 'fix' it myself after having disappointing haircuts. I just decided that I had awful hair and said 'to hell with it' and wore it up most of the time to hide it.
Anyway, I was thinking of going to Maximus for some time as it is in my neighborhood and I walk by it all the time. I guess I just had a gut feeling that it was good.  I snapped on Saturday with such hatred for my hair and decided it had to get cut off, short. On Sunday I went first thing and saw Jason. What a lifesaver he was.  He looked at my hair and knew exactly what to do with it. He even advised against going too short as my hair grew in a certain way that would give me trouble. I just let him do his thing and he gave me a short bob that I can wear without styling or styling. He asked me if I did any kind of styling to my hair first. I am relieved that I have found a stylist at long last and actually feel happier. My hair now has a wave in it that looks really nice as he somehow worked magic with my hair. I would like to get my sister over to see him as I'm sure he could fix her awful hair as he did mine.
"Alison H."

  Spectacular, what else can I say? I was so scared to try a new place.  My hairdresser moved away and I didn't know where to go. I wanted to try a hair salon in west end Vancouver and I went to Maximus hair studio because my bus always stop by in front of Maximus hair studio and I always wanted to give a try. I went there and Sarah cut my hair and I walked out very happy. I'm going to go back I think I found my new salon and the price is very reasonable price. I paid $30 and she really treated me very good. It's worth it to try.
"Carlitos Diaz"

  It's always an experience going to see Maximus. I started to go here when I moved back to Vancouver about a year and a half ago. He always does a great job and the price is quite affordable.
You always get treated to a cup of coffee or water and sometimes even a glass of wine (my favorite).
Max is a fun guy and makes the hair cut experience, just that an experience. While playful he's also very serious about his product and takes pride in providing stellar haircuts. He's never rushed and always aims to please.I would recommend him to anyone.
"Adam P. "

  I've been coming to Max from the day he opened over ten years ago and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. I can always rely on professional, friendly service and an atmosphere that leaves me feeling pampered and cared for. Viva Maximus!

  If you are as vain as I am, a good haircut is hard to find, and once you find a hairdresser or a salon that you can really trust, you remain a returning patron to their services. 
I was a faithful client to my best friend's wife for many years, until he was unfaithful to her, and  I lost her in the divorce. After that, Ray often coiffed me at the hotel, in his home, and even made haircut-party house-calls (until he died of a heart attack having just way too much fun. (RIP Ray-Man...) 
Since then, I have been to numerous different salons, rarely returning to the previous place again, and have usually done the walk of shame home. head hung, wearing my  baseball cap or fedora disgruntled and dissatisfied.
Today was the 2nd time I visited  Maximus Hair Studio. I am doing some extra work on a tv show tomorrow, and long-gone are those days when they sit you down in the hair & makeup trailer to primp you up. While walking down Davie St., I saw their sign for a $20 special. How could I lose? It'll always grow back (for now). I did get a great cut there last time from Susan last month and we shared some mutual funny stories of living in Korea. A positive atmosphere and everybody there was very friendly and accommodating. 
Although Susan wasn't working today,  I lucked out getting sat down in P.J.'s chair. He is a consummate professional who really took his time and listened to my finicky specifications.  He even trimmed that funny hair in my eyebrows.
I walked out of there happy, confident, and camera-ready and I'm feeling like a million bucks. Thanks Maximus & team for making me feel special, and so much better about myself- inside and out.
"Don F. "

  It's amazing salon. There are many professional hair dresser.
They have special skill to create styling and also very friendly.
So, If you are looking for hair salon,
I highly recommend MAXIMUS HAIR STUDIO.
"Jack L."

  I've tried many salons since I moved to Vancouver 5 years ago and Maximus is the one I keep returning to!
I love the international combination of stylists with each one of them adding their very own & authentic flair to the atmosphere and service; and I love how it's a real buzzing neighborhood place!
Recently, I had my hair and make-up done by Fabiola - see profile picture, and I loved it! Also, in the past, I've had hair cuts by various stylists, and every time I walked out happily - even when I took some brave hair decisions (might have been the wine I was offered when I had to wait...)
I think, Maximus offers really great and authentic service, does a thorough job so that you walk out happy!
"Martina S."


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